Conduit and Cable Carrier Systems

In many applications cables have to be additionally protected against mechanical and chemical stress. For this type of application, Lapp Group can supply the universal SILVYN® protective cable conduit program. Cable conduits manufactured from metal or plastic material, which can be used with matching glands to form a perfect system connection. The complete system results in all round protection for cables in indoor and outdoor installations. With SILVYN® CHAIN, Lapp Group's widely variable programme of power chains we offer both cable protection and guidance for highly dynamic applications.


SILVYN® AS Metallic flexible conduit for higher mechanical stress. Heat resistant View
SILVYN® FPAS Protective cable conduit systems parallely corrugated. Abrasion resistant. Increased resistance against oil, petrol, acids and other chemicals. View
SILVYN® SSUE Stainless protective conduit or heavy mechanical stress. Corrosion and heat-resistant View
SILVYN® EDU-AS Ideal for applications where cables and wires could be damaged by welding sparkles or hot chipz View
SILVYN® UI 511 Spirally wounded stainless steel protective conduit with interlocked profile (AGRAFF) For applications with the highest mechanical stress. Corrosion and heat resistant View
SILVYN® RKS Mounting clamp for cables, conduits and pipes
SILVYN® BW-M Mounting angles for use where SILVYN® protective conduits can be inserted into a machine or appliance