Cable Glands

SKINTOP® cable glands guarantee secure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist. That's all! Your cables are perfectly centered, secured, hermetically sealed and ready for action. Choose from a wide range of models in plastic or brass, for EX and EMC applications, halogen-free types or anti-kink protection, metric, PG or NPT.


SKINTOP® ST-M / SKINTOP® STR-M Metric thread cable gland. Available in large, variable clamping ranges. STR-M with reducing seal insert, to seal smaller diameter cables. View
SKINTOP® ST-HF-M Metric connection thread. Flame retardant and halogen-free. Self-extinguishing, no dripping. View
SKINTOP® CLICK / SKINTOP® CLICK-R Most innovative cable insertion system on the market. Simply click in and turn. Fixed, centered, and maximum protection in seconds View
SKINTOP® MS-SC-M BRUSH For EMC compliant grounding of the copper braiding and copper shaft sheath. Innovative double lamella gasket for easier assembling of large diameter cables. View
SKINTOP® MS-M-XL / SKINTOP® MSR-M-XL Nickel plated brass metric cable gland.  Available with long connection thread for applications involving a thicket wall. View
SKINTOP® MS-M / SKINTOP® MSR-M For cable diameters up to 68mm. Ideal for areas with high demands on special mechanical and chemical stability View
SKINTOP® MS-M ATEX / SKINTOP® MSR-M ATEX For devices, machines of type of protection enhanced safety "e". Also available with reducing seal insert for smaller diameter cables View
SKINTOP® MS-IS-M Specially designed for use on industrial connectors. View
SKINDICHT® SKZ-M Saddle clamp strain relief gland for raw applications. The incised sealing ring can be adjusted to clamp several cable diameters View
SKINDICHT® SHZ-M Compact brass cable gland for reliable strain relief, solid, for large cable diameters. View
SKINDICHT® SHVE-M Grounding brass gland for applications where electrical interference fields may occur View
SKINTOP® GMP-GL-M Glass fibre reinforced for maximum mechanical stability. Bearing surface avoids scratchings on the housing while mounting with a wrench. View
SKINDICHT® SM-M Needed wherever a gland has to be countered or thin walled housings only allow through holes View
SKINDICHT® O-Ring Viton® Metric For safe sealing of housing. Protection against oils, acids, chemicals and water on the connection thread of a gland or similar parts under extreme conditions View
SKINDICHT® E-M Sealing rings. Rings can be individually adapted to various cable diameters View
SKINMATIC® QUICK Set 1 Efficient assembly ratchet set for SKINTOP® polyamide cable glands View